How to Connect to a Router Online & Change Settings

First, bring up the transaction immediate by writing ‘command’ in the Begin selection look for box (or Ms windows 8 Begin screen) and choosing Control Prompt. Or just media the Ms windows key and ‘R’ together and kind ‘cmd’ then media Get into.

At the immediate kind ‘ipconfig’ and media Get into. You will see a record of the system plugs in your PC. Look through the information to get the amount next to Standard entrance. This is the 192.168.l.254 IP deal with of your wi-fi router.

Connect to your wi-fi router via its web interface

Now, commence a web internet browser and kind the default entrance variety – in this case – into the deal with bar, then media Get into. Don’t add http:// before the IP deal with.

Common wi-fi router IP details are

Wifi-Router-settings (BT House Hubs)
Again, you can look into the tag at the bottom of your wi-fi router or its guide for the default deal with.

In unusual cases, you might need to add a digestive tract and a slot variety at the end (such as, but most home wi-fi routers won’t need this.

You should now see the sign in display for your wi-fi router, and can sign in and create any changes to the router’s configurations that you need to create. If not, go to the next step.

Troubleshooting tips

If you don’t see the sign in display, it could be because the entrance IP deal with has been personally joined under your system adaptor configurations.

To examine, start Control Board and look for for ‘network’. Simply just click View Network Relationships under Network and Discussing Center.

Right-click on the adaptor you use to get attached to the world wide web (typically the wi-fi one or Ethernet for a PC) and select Qualities.

Then search down the record to discover Online Method Edition 4. Simply just click it and then select the Qualities key.

Make sure Acquire an IP deal with instantly is chosen, and also Acquire DNS web server deal with instantly.
Now do it again the previous actions to see if this has set the problem.

Reset your wi-fi router sign in name and password

If you’ve neglected your router’s information, you’ll need to totally reset it to manufacturer configurations. This is usually obtained by pushing submit or placing a paper video or pin into a totally reset gap.

Note: Before you do this, keep in mind that you will lose any configurations you’ve made and may have to re-enter your high-speed internet sign in name and information if you don’t have a back-up. It’s not a significant problem if you have that information to hand, however.

Check your guide to discover out how long to hold the key for in to totally reset it. The wi-fi router will need to be attached to the mains and turned on to ensure that this to work.

After resetting your wi-fi router you can follow the earlier actions to get attached to the router’s management interface.

If your reason for obtaining your router’s configurations was to set up a Wi-Fi system, you can now do so. It’s worth changing the Wi-Fi system name to something unforgettable, but it’s most important to set passwords.

If possible, select WPA2 security rather than WEP.

While you’re at it, change the security password for the router’s interface to prevent anyone else obtaining your router’s configurations.

Stick a brand on the wi-fi router so you won’t forget the IP deal with, Wi-Fi security password and wi-fi router information.

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